Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Tiller Adjustment

When setting up a recurve for competitive shooting, the first element of bow tuning I look into is getting the bow shooting the arrow level. If a bows 'Tiller' is out it may cause arrow 'pourposing' down range. The aim of tiller adjustment is getting a perfectly straight nock travel from release to the arrow leaving the string, with the limbs de-flexing evenly.

First things first, string up your bow with no peripherals (sight, stabilisers, and weights). Making sure to get the limbs the right way round. :)

Measure the distance between the limb pocket (where the limb meets the riser) and the string, making note of the measurement.

Measure the distance between the Bottom limb pocket and the string.

The Bottom measurement should be between 3 and 6mm longer than the Top. If it is not, make one of these changes;

If the bottom measurement is too LONG, tightening up the limb pocket will decrease the measurement.

If the bottom measurement is too SHORT, loosening the limb pocket will increase the measurement.

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